Meet the Therapist

Cori Pursell is a Psychotherapist licensed in Kansas who listens to the stories that make up your life. She recognizes you as the author of your own life and is available to help you change the ending. New endings require new beginnings and so choosing a therapist is important to feeling comfortable. Ask other people you trust for recommendations and referrals. Begin to ask yourself questions; what do I want to accomplish in therapy? What are some of the goals I would like to work towards? Can meaning come from suffering?

Whether you have never been in therapy before or are returning to do additional work you want to trust who you are working with as a therapist. You want to choose who will advocate for you, who has the skills you need to make progress.

  • Cori Pursell has experience in working with clients who have experienced some type of trauma in their lives. She initially worked with listening professionals who suffered from secondary trauma or co-dependency while working with clients. She gained additional experience while working with domestic abuse clients, spiritual trauma or abuse and others who have experienced primary trauma and often complex trauma. Her interest is in teaching skills of resiliency to promote primary or secondary growth together with making meaning from old experiences motivates her therapy.


Published by Cori Pursell

Cori is a Spiritual Director, Supervisor and Retreat Leader

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