What is this Self Quarantine?

When I closed my office door last week I thought I would be driving into the office to see clients and other office colleagues today. In the past my office has offered many people sanctuary to rest and reflect on what is causing them to seek help in a confusing world. Each visit is a connection with each other, an opportunity to offer supportive care and compassion while listening to how one can better navigate or accept the next challenge. Life sometimes changes so slowly so we can only see the change in retrospect, now the changes are coming daily and sometimes things are different in the evening than in the morning. What do we do with all this change? We have left the threshold of how our lives worked before and we don’t know when we will cross the old threshold of safety again. What if we are dealing with loss of job, loss of friends, loss of family, loss of health? What if we feel the stress of navigating drive up errands or we are burying a loved one within new constraints?

If you are struggling with any of these, find your support system, begin to make connections with other people on line. If you want to schedule a session, please see my contact page, I am but an email away.


Published by Cori Pursell

Cori is a Spiritual Director, Supervisor and Retreat Leader

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