What are we to learn?

Borrowed from a translation from a therapist in Spain

While many of us are at home, we will begin to experience many different reactions to what is happening. We may not be able to resume our normal lives in short order so what are we do with the new way we now experience life? If you reflect on the diagram you can see some areas there is still some fear while in other areas there is learning or generative growth. Some days we may meander back and forth between levels.

Practicing consistency in our outlook while looking inward to see what is forming those beliefs can provide a more stable emotional intelligence during this time of quarantine. Choose one or two items where you might be experiencing fear and take a step, any step to moving away from fear to learning. Your steps do not have to be linear or perfected. Once you get into learning mode you will be surprised at all the new ways you begin to see other people practicing, Zooming family and friends, finding exercise outside a gym, finding you don’t need as much as you once did, saving on gas because you are not going anywhere. If you are out you may meet people with face masks, what we see are the eyes, how do our eyes communicate? What is the best thing you have noticed about being in quarantine?

As your own learning curve increases you will feel safe enough to extend your calm to others, making connections with people who might need extra support at this time, offering goods or money to organizations that provide medical relief to those in need, using your extra time to create something be it music, crafts, writing, cooking, or simply whatever feeds your soul. In creating you will also feed another, think of the Italians singing to each other from their balconies. Beauty and goodness will be the hallmarks of moving through this time.

As always if you get stuck in your emotions and old beliefs, and this can happen, give us a call or an email, we’re here to help.


Published by Cori Pursell

Cori is a Spiritual Director, Supervisor and Retreat Leader

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