The Losses are Real

Staying Home in the Time of Pandemic

The Loss is Real – everyone is suffering some kind of loss, here is what you can become aware of that is happening right now –

  • Shock – each new change that is happening causes a degree of loss, we may first have lost our job or our connection to co workers, later we lose our ability to go out into public except for essentials. Each change is a loss.
  • Anger – we may be angry at the government for not warning us soon enough about what was going to happen, for making us stay at home, we may be angry at the lack of governmental response, we may also be angry at those who won’t comply with socially distancing guidelines and expose others to the virus that makes our staying in last longer and adds more time until we can resume our lives.
  • Sadness – so much loss is happening at once as we lose people we love and know, our jobs as they were whether they are temporarily gone, permanently gone, or we are now essential workers suffering exhaustion. We experience sadness at missed experiences we are no longer allowed to have, our attendance at a funeral, a birth, a religious service. Sadness at the safety we once had because we are wearing face masks and we can no longer see people’s faces when we communicate.
  • Integration – once the losses end we can being to integrate the way forward. But as each loss happens again and again it becomes more difficult to begin the process of integration. For now, we practice resiliency, gratitude and adaptation. For more ways to cope watch next week’s post. And if you need help now your therapist is just an email away.

These stages of loss are paraphrased from Robin Shapiro on “Therapy During Covid-19.”


Published by Cori Pursell

Cori is a Spiritual Director, Supervisor and Retreat Leader

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